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Scott Bradley Coleson, known professionally as DeLiverance, is an American rapper, songwriter, record executive, aspiring actor and aspiring entrepreneur.In May of 2014, DeLiverance decided to build his own record label known as Vicious Tunes Music Group, which him and his wife Karma, build together. Vicious Tunes Music Group is an independent record label based out of the little town of Goldsboro North Carolina.CEO DeLiverance’s vision for the company is to grow to be the biggest independent record label on the east coast. DeLiverance released a single from his album Discontinued entitled “Under Your Spell” in March 2015 and a video to follow in July of 2015. September 29th, 2015, DeLiverance released his debut album “Discontinued” worldwide. He also dropped a second single entitled “Back in the days” from Discontinued on the same day with plans of a video. June 14th, 2016 DeLiverance released his fire mixtape 'No College Just Bars' to the public and did great download numbers on release. During the 2016-2017 year DeLiverance managed to reach 50,000+ streams on just Spotify on his single ‘Wonderful Lives’. Their talents are being recognized as DeLiverance and Karma were both nominated for Best Hip Hop acts in Wayne Country on June 26th, 2016. DeLiverance and Vicious Tunes have also gained out of state recognition, traveling back and forth to Atlanta, Georgia and performed for Dynamicon 2016, 2017, Lil Five Points Halloween Festival (180,000+ in attendance), and have made an appearance in featured film TURNT. The crew has also been to Florida repetitively, Tennessee, South Carolina, and Virginia just to name a few. DeLiverance and wife Karma opened for Rick Ross May 6th, 2017. Waiting for the release of his new album June 16th, DeLiverance dropped a new single entitled Hip Hop's Renaissance May 16th and plans to make a push with the record while simultaneously pushing Wonderful Lives. DeLiverance has had the pleasure of doing an opening for Ed Lover’s podcast ‘C’mon Son’ and he is also in talks of a project with LOD legend Dj Brad. The VTMG crew also has contacts with Driicky Graham, Bone Crusher, Twista, Greg Nice, CBear, Freeway, and is currently working with DMC of RunDMC on their new record entitled 'Slave To The Rhythm' set to release June 18th and also MMG producer, Cash Clay on a record entitled 'Shining'. DeLiverance is currently working on his last album for the year entitled 'Lost in Space' which will contain hit single featuring DMC. A radio tour is set in motion promoting the single and upcoming album. DeLiverance also caught the local media attention in Goldsboro NC getting front page spot with an article about Slave To The Rhythm. The writeup also features DMC's side of things about the record and their meeting (read the article by clicking the link >>


 JUNE 18th 2018

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